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When looking for quality, professional vinyl film and adhesive coated tapes, American Traffic Safety Materials has the answer. With our experienced courteous staff, our knowledge of current materials and specifications and our excellent reputation we make a difference.

At ATSM, we know that your success depends on meeting a wide range of customer needs. You can improve your chances of meeting all of your customer's needs with a broader product umbrella! As your business partner, our challenge is to consistently offer you the widest selection of today's most innovative sign products. No other company in the industry invests more in research and development than we do. Our dedication to innovation guarantees our ability to provide you with the creative ammunition you need to be competitive.

As a manufacturer we control the quality of our products. We're the only manufacturer to cast vinyl on mylar; a process that produces a higher gloss than any other substrate. Because we control production, we're in a better position to meet custom requirements and we can maintain a full supply of standard inventory items.

If your business could benefit from leading edge sign products and a reliable full-line supplier - ATSM has you covered!

In 1980, ATSM started producing Cast 2 MIL Vinyl decorative film for automotive striping and graphics. Automotive manufacturers in the USA, Europe, United Kingdom, and South America approved and purchased these films.

In addition ATSM developed metalized Mylar/PVC laminates for automotive body side moldings and trim. They developed a coagulated urethane coated fabric for use as an imitation chamois. These two divisions were later sold.

Currently, ATSM produces cast, extruded and calendered vinyl films, plus metalized polyester, single and double adhesive coated tapes. In addition to adhesive coating and laminating, ATSM has a complete range of converting facilities including screen printing, slitting, and die cutting.

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