With ATSM EC Transparent Overlay Film you can accurately create multi-colored reflective signage at a lower cost.

American Traffic Safety Materials EC Transparent Overlay Film is a cast film that is very easy to use. It can be applied to any reflective film to produce exceptionally bright, high-contrast reflective colors. Fast and versatile, our EC Film allows you to use standard computerized graphics equipment to cut, weed, and mask areas up to 60″ wide. (Colors, sizes, and type of material may vary.)

ATSM EC Film is one of the most cost-effective ways to produce small quantities of similar or identical signs.

Fully Repositionable

Amazing, but true – our PVC EC Transparent Overlay Film is specifically formulated to be forgiving! It can be applied and, if need be, repositioned over reflective sheeting without wrinkling or tearing. Wayward applications can easily be repositioned, saving you both time and materials in the process.

Now you can be more creative & more productive while lowering your costs!