Tape Converting Services

American Traffic Safety Materials, Inc. offers a variety of tape converting services for pressure-sensitive adhesive products, with attention to detail and a focus on quality.

ATSM has been converting pressure-sensitive tape products for 30 years. Converting tapes requires special machinery and ATSM has a variety of equipment designed to perform specific functions in the conversion of many different products. Specifically, we own tape-slitting machines, duplex rewind/slitters, and baloney cutters.
All of the machines provide extensive converting capabilities.

Currently, we operate a variety of machines. These machines have attributes that make each of them suitable for rewind/slitting certain materials.

Our processes allow for precision slitting through the use of a razor, baloney cut, or score slitting.
Razor cut slitting is a process that uses single blades. Material is pulled through the stationary blades, making precise cuts.
Crush cut or score slitting is a process whereby circular knives are pressed against a steel cylinder or mandrel with the material being pulled through, between the knives and the mandrel. Score Cutting is more appropriate for materials of uneven thickness, while razor slitting is best suited for films and thinner material with consistent thickness.
The logs of material may vary in length, so you are able to design the most appropriate length and width for your application needs. Rolls of tape may be slit to as narrow as 1/8″ inch width, up to 60″ width. Tolerances are typically 1/64″ but may vary depending on the material being slit.

We also require minimal edge trim so our yield may be greater than other converters.